Touch the true network! Reigncom launched iriver WavePhone 9323

Touch the true network!

Enjoy the brand-new multimedia player with Wi-Fi

Reigncom launched iriver WavePhone


           Reigncom-KT makes a mobile multimedia device with Wi-Fi

           Provides various multimedia services, including Bugs Music and an electronic dictionary, as well as KT Internet phone service

           Wide touch-screen and convenient GUI environment


On October 10, Reigncom ( Myoung Woo Lee, CEO) announced that it is releasing the iriver WavePhone, which is a Wi-Fi-equipped mobile phone, in cooperation with KT ( KT is Korea's top integrated wired/wireless communications service provider.


KTs Internet phone, the iriver WavePhone, uses Wi-Fi for telecommunications, enabling voice over Internet, text messaging, and music from Bugs Music, at a much better quality than in the PC environment. The iriver WavePhone can also be used in areas where no wireless networks are available, as a call forwarding service is possible.


With a simple yet elegant design, the iriver WavePhone has a convenient graphic user interface with a touch screen, and enables the use of various services including music, videos, flash, pictures and text. The electronic dictionary, which offers hand-writing recognition software, provides a range of content services such as an English-to-Korean and Korean-to-English dictionary by YBM called e4u, a Chinese-Korean dictionary, and three types of Collins dictionaries. As well, it offers pronunciation of an actual native speaker, thus this small yet constructive device can function as a digital study-aid.


Frank Lim, product planning director at Reigncom, said The iriver WavePhone is a new-concept network device that is suitable for Wi-Fi environments. It is a highly functional product, as it provides services like the KT Internet phone service and wireless music downloads.


Dong Myun Lee, head of next generation TFT of KT, said, Telecommunications services are evolving by delivering various values according to the lifestyles of the customers. The release of the iriver WavePhone will accelerate the trend of equipping mobile multimedia devices with telecommunications via Wi-Fi.


Purchase and service registration for the iriver WavePhone is available at 10 iriver zones nationwide. We also plan to expand our sales to large discount stores. For more information, please contact the KT customer center (100) or go to the Internet phone homepage (, contact an iriver customer center (1577-5557), or go to iriver homepage (


The iriver WavePhone includes the phone, a set of earphones, a USB cable, a stylus pen, a battery holder, an adapter, a quick start guide, the warranty card, and the installation CD.

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